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Amanda K. Burns

Hawai'i Island REALTOR R(S) 78853

Amanda understands what draws people to the dream of an island lifestyle and what it truly takes to make those dreams a reality.  She moved to Hawaii Island from Fairbanks, Alaska in 2016.

Amanda gained 12 years experience in sales and marketing focusing on long term customer service and relationships during her time in Alaska. Wanting to achieve a greater level of work/life balance, and create meaningful experiences for her children through new adventures, Amanda and her husband relocated to the Big Island.  Starting her real estate career in the vacation sector, Amanda developed a passion for helping customers with their island experience. She joins LUVA Real Estate as an agent specializing in the North and South Kohala districts.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys the harmony of toes in the sand and salty crashing waves. She loves scuba diving with her husband, cooking for friends and family, gardening and making family memories through island adventures like zip-lining, fishing, snorkeling, and hiking. Grateful for an amazing group of neighbors and friends who made her transition successful, Amanda strives to makes sure that local families, new residents and vacation home investors fulfill their ultimate dream of an island lifestyle through exceptional service filled with the spirit of Aloha.

Connecting Humans With Homes

Our Story

LUVA REAL ESTATE WAS FOUNDED IN 2012 AS A LIFESTYLE FOCUSED COMPANY BRINGING TOGETHER LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS FROM REAL ESTATE, ENTERTAINMENT & START UP BUSINESS SECTORS. Borne from the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to its customers, LUVA prides itself on being a progressive, boutique-style, technologically savvy brokerage

Who We Are

WE ARE PEOPLE. Adventurers, dog lovers, surfers, activists, Netflix bingers, paddlers, caffeine addicts, parents & partners. (Who are your people?)

WE ARE RELATIONAL, NOT MERELY TRANSACTIONAL. The process of buying & selling real estate is an emotional, financial and mental journey. We partner with our clients through the ups & downs to achieve goals. (What are your goals?)

What We Do

WE TELL STORIES. Selling a home is more complex than graphs & stats. We creatively convey the home's story to align with a buyer's hopes & dreams - making it a tangible thing. A physical place to create life & lifestyle. (What is your story?)

WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS. We are professionals. We are solution driven. We are a mix plate - (local, hybrid combining all the best things) of information, technology, social media, collaboration & team work culture. Our goal is simple "Connecting humans with homes."


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