Buying a home is part of the American Dream, and still one of the safest long term investments for your money.

Let's Make The Process Simple


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1. Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage

Getting a clear picture of your finances and exploring loan options is an important first step.  Start by gathering your pay stubs, bank statements, and taxes. Meet with a lender who will help you navigate through loan options that will help you achieve your specific goals. Getting pre-approved for a home loan will save you time in your home search and enable you to move quickly when you do find your dream home.

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2. Narrow Your Search Criteria By Importance

Finding the perfect home can be time consuming. Look at home buying as a process of elimination rather than a process of selection. Start by narrowing down neighborhoods. Consider what would be important to your family, proximity to work, areas of the city you might frequent for fun or necessities, school districts? Does the neighborhood appear to be a good fit for you and your family today and tomorrow? Next narrow down a type of home, single family, condo, townhome, each one provides different options in terms of space, responsibilities, upkeep and ownership. Consider what fits your lifestyle best. Finally what do you need in a home and what do you want in a home, one-story or two-story, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, do you need a home office, what type of backyard would you like? Consider all the different aspects and prioritize the features of importance. Use my Dream Home Finder to simplify your search.

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3. Contracts, Inspections and Negotiations

Purchasing a home is a transaction that involves heavy negotiations and because every home transaction is different, home purchase contracts are not exactly uniform. Any contingencies must be addressed prior to the deal being finalized, such as the sale of the buyer's present home, issues from the home inspection that might need to be repaired, etc. In addition insurance will need to be obtained and loan closed on what will seem to be a very busy, emotionally charged time line. A real estate professional can be a valuable resource to have on your side as you determine appropriate offers, be firm in negotiations, and manage events on the time line to executing the contract.

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4. Welcome to Your New Home!

Congratulations on being in the small percentage of people that can say they own a home on this beautiful island.   Our relationship doesn't end there.  We are your Big Island resource for home maintinance vendors and have the ability to help you to create passive income by marketing your home as a vacation rental and assisting you to list and sell when it is time to move up or change course.

I Am Here to Help

Buying and selling a home is the largest financial and emotional decisions we make in our lifetime. My job is first and foremost is to listen and understand your needs. Next is to share my market knowledge and resources to empower you with information, so you know your making the best decision for you and your family. My promise is to keep clear and honest communication through each step of the process to obtain your goals.

Oh by the way I'm never too busy for your referrals!

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Find Your Dream Home


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